Who am I?

I am Rahul Jaiswal, I’m an IT consultant for a private software company in Jamaica. I’ve been working here since Feb ‘08. Prior to that I worked in several IT firms in India and gathered a few programming nuggets. I graduated from the Indian Institue of Technology in Kanpur, India.

That’s for the “intro” stuff.

What do I do?

You will have understood by now that I’m Indian, that I live in Jamaica now. I like technology – reading and learning about emerging technologies and trends. Programming, along with IT project management, is not only my job, it is also my passion and I want this blog to be the opportunity to share this passion with you.

My personal ambition is to create tools that will make computers and internet more useful to people. For that I have quite a few projects and dreams in my bag and I am trying to take the goodies out one-by-one.

Oh, and even though I make software for a living, I am a big proponent of open-source projects and this blog will cover my own views on some of the open-source technologies I use.

Why this blog?

As you may have guessed, in this blog, I’m gonna talk to you about dinosaurs! No, of course, this blog will be about technology in general, especially about about software development and its management.

But why another blog about technology? Well, because there’s room for it, because I have a server to use, a passion to share and some time to spare. Because I want to be part of the debate. Because I hope people will read it like I read a few others every day and gain from my experiences like I gain from those of others. And I hope, it helps a few more who are following me on the same path.

Still curious?

If you want to know more about me or something I wrote, feel free to contact me.

In the meantime, thank you for being here and have a good time. Read on!


The views expressed here are purely my own. The sources of information could be online publications, books, other literature, visual and print media and I intend to write in as factual details as I absorb them. However, my views may reflect my biases.

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